Special transports are our strength: How we as an international forwarding company plan your individual project and implement it successfully


Spedition encourages you coordinate supply with requests inside the courses of events you have characterized for yourself and your client. We comprehend your business needs and coordination issues, consequently, we can offer vigorous arrangements that assistance you accomplish speed to advertise.

We give devoted and shared warehousing and dispersion tasks the world over. Our administrations incorporate full pick-and-pack task, brief stockpiling after freight solidification preceding holder stacking, either for one-off shipments or turnkey ventures. We additionally have the required foundation for send-out pressing and palletization.

Our inventory network joining administration enables our client’s to respond to fast changes in the commercial center while limiting their speculation dangers and operational expenses.

Our approach is to distinguish holes and apply both cost and electronic Ingenuities and enable our clients to use benefits under the direction of our very experienced International and local groups. This approach sets us in front of other warehousing and coordination organizations.

The administrations we offer incorporate yet are not restricted to the accompanying :

  •  Stock administration and control
  •  Request handling, inbound and outbound
  •  Bar-coding, re-bundling, naming and genuine Q&A programs
  •  Compartment/shipping yard administration
  •  Seller/bearer execution
  •  Cross-docking/stream conveyance

Key Features

  1. State-of-the-art Warehousing facility
  2. Fully Automated Inventory Management.
  3. Well trained manpower
  4. Safe and Dust Free environment
  5. On-site maintenance & support
  6. Fast, efficient, error-free Supply chain system

Services Offered

  1. Basic Warehousing
    • ✓ Advanced Storage Solutions
    • ✓ Bonded Warehouse Solutions
    • ✓ Production Line Feeding
    • ✓ Value-added services (kitting, re-packing, labeling)
    • ✓ Information tracking (Serial No, Best before date…)
  2. Dedicated facilities for customer-specific set-ups
  3. Multi-user facilities to offer flexible shared services

Special Benefits

  • Short and long term storage
  • Cargo loading and unloading
  • Cargo labeling and packing
  • Fumigation and Pest control
  • Packing and Crating services
  • Cargo Distribution
  • POD Reporting


  • A one-stop-shop for all your Warehousing needs
  • Our warehouses are the safest places to deposit your goods.
  • Tailor-made solutions for as per customer requirement.
  • Large global network, combining own offices in all major cities of India.
  • Personal service with one fixed contact person.
  • Real-time control which allows you to monitor your products status 24/7.

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